3 Spring Checklist Tips for your HVAC

Summer can take its toll on both your HVAC and your business’ energy bills. Commercial HVAC systems are put under heavy strain when the temperatures rise, especially in hot climates. Spring is the best time to perform maintenance on your HVAC system to get it ready for the summer ahead. This can ensure your system will work efficiently for lowered energy costs and can reduce the chance of breakdowns. Here are three spring checklist tips to keep in mind for your commercial HVAC:

  1. Change filters. Keeping your HVAC filters up-to-date can improve air quality and efficiency for your system. Your filters are changed during routine maintenance and tune-ups, but you should check them between service and change them if they look dirty.
  2. Clean indoor components. Keep indoor air vents clean, along with coils, control panels and blower fans. Make sure there are no blockages to prevent air flow.
  3. Inspect outdoor unit. Inspect the outdoor cabinet that contains your condenser – make sure no debris is blocking any air vents or stuck in the coils. Wipe down the cabinet and coils to keep it clean.

Keeping your HVAC maintained can reduce your repair costs by up to 20% and improve efficiency. Spring is the perfect time to get your system tuned up and have routine maintenance performed. You can reduce your energy bills by at least 25% with regular maintenance and cut down the amount of breakdowns and expensive downtime.

Calling your local commercial HVAC service team to schedule your spring tune-up should be moved to the top of your checklist. Improve your energy efficiency and save money on your cooling system this summer by having a professional perform the needed maintenance on your system.

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