Spring Cleaning Basics for your HVAC

Spring is time for cleaning around your home. You pull down the drapes, air out the closets and give your home a good cleaning to put winter in the rearview mirror. Another area to clean is your HVAC system. You want to ensure that your unit is cleaned and ready to tackle the hot months ahead after a long winter. Here are some spring cleaning basics for your HVAC system:

  • First, turn off your unit to protect yourself from shock. To be safe, turning your unit off at the breaker and the unit is best.
  • Start at your outside unit. Clean the exterior cages and around the unit to remove debris that could block the air flow. You can also clean the fins using water to remove dirt and improve air flow. Don’t use a pressure washer – it can damage the fins.
  • Inside, you want to clean the air vents to ensure there is no blockages. If you have duct work, spring is a good time to schedule a duct cleaning from your local HVAC service company. Filters need to be changed – these improve the air quality in your home and can affect the efficiency of your unit.
  • The indoor unit should have the evaporator coils cleaned and ensure that the evaporator drain is unclogged. There is coil cleaner you can buy to remove dirt from the coils – however, if you schedule a spring service for your home heating and cooling system, your service technician will clean the coils and other areas of your HVAC unit.

You should keep the areas around your outdoor unit clean and keep an eye on your air filters throughout the year. If you have an annual tune-up, the interior of your unit will be cleaned and maintained for the best efficiency.

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