Keeping an Even Temperature in Your Home

Do you find that certain areas of your home are either colder or warmer than others? It could be a problem with your cooling or heating system. However, often it is a simple issue that you can fix or check on your own. Here are a few to things to check before you consider calling in a professional:

  • Check your air filter. Sometimes something as simple as a clogged air filter can cause inconsistencies in temperature. Check your air filter and change it if it looks dirty.
  • Inspect your air vents. Turn on your AC or heat and check the air coming from your vents or registers. Make sure all are open and allowing air through. If a vent is open but no air is coming out, you may have a blockage in an air duct.

If you check the vents and filters but still can’t resolve the uneven temperatures in your home, it may be time to contact your local HVAC service. You may have issues like blocked or leaking ductwork that is affecting the air flow. This is a common issue that can increase your energy bills and cause poor temperature control.

Has your home always been difficult to keep at an even temperature? If this isn’t a new problem, it could be the design of your home or the location of your thermostat. Your HVAC professional can evaluate your system and offer solutions. Adding a zoning system, a ductless mini split or just moving the thermostat could fix your issue. The professionals will get to the heart of the issue and find a solution for improved comfort and efficiency in your home.

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