Tips to Keep Cool During the Summer

Air conditioning is a luxury, but it can feel like a necessity when the temperatures soar through the summer months. Luxury or not, you want to use your air conditioning to stay cool, but you also do not want to pay enormous energy bills. The best way to reduce your AC bill and keep cool is to set your temperature higher in your home and find other ways to cool yourself and your house. Here are some tips to stay cool and minimize the cost of AC this summer.

  • Use your windows. Windows can either cool or heat the home, depending on how you use them. Make sure you use drapes or blinds over closed windows during the day to keep sunshine out of the home that can heat it up and open the windows to let in cool air in the evening and early mornings.
  • Use a cooling pad in your bed. You can turn your AC off or down during the night if you use a cooling pad on your bed. You will stay cool and use much less energy during those eight hours a night.
  • Use cold or wet shirts. A t-shirt stored in the freezer or wetting your shirt and putting it back on can cool you down quickly.
  • Use your thermostat wisely. Try to reduce the use of AC when you are not home. A smart thermostat is a wise investment to help you control when to use your AC. Set it at higher temps when you are typically not home, then lower the temperature shortly before you will be going back home. Smart thermostats give you the ability to adjust these times as needed from wherever you are to save on energy.

Also be sure that your HVAC system is properly maintained and checked for its efficiency. An efficient system saves money. Stay cool without breaking the bank by keeping yourself and your home cool with these tips.

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