5 Tips to Prepare for a Cool Summer

The summer heat can make you appreciate the luxury of owning air conditioning in your home. A cool indoor space is desirable when the temperatures rise up into the 90’s and 100’s, giving you respite from the sweltering heat. Unfortunately, keeping your home cool can come at a high energy cost if you depend solely on AC to cool your home. Here are five ways to help prepare your home to fight the heat and lower your AC costs.

  1. Invested in window dressings. Keeping the sun from shining through your windows and glass doors can help keep your home cooler. Drapes, shades and blinds can block the sun and keep your home cooler.
  2. Use portable and ceiling fans. Make sure you have fans available to circulate the air. For ceiling fans, make sure they are set for summer, pulling heat up, not pushing it down. Portable fans are great at night to blow in cooler air from outside, giving your AC unit a break.
  3. Clear around vents and your AC unit. Get ready for summer by removing any debris around your outdoor AC unit to prevent air blockages. Also clear around your vents inside to allow the air to flow.
  4. Change your air filter. Make sure you have a clean air filter in place to improve AC efficiency – now is a good time to stock up on replacements so you have them handy to replace as needed during the summer.
  5. Schedule an AC tune-up. Have your local HVAC service come perform a tune-up on your AC now. This can ensure your AC unit is maintained and ready to perform efficiently during the hot months ahead.

Preparing your home ahead of time for the hot summer can help you lower the cost of cooling your home. You will be glad your AC is working great when those hot dog days of summer come around.

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4 Ways to Save Money on Your AC Bill

Staying cool in your home during the summer comes at a price, and it is usually on your electric bill. Air conditioning can make the hot days and nights bearable, but it can be expensive. There are a few ways to minimize the costs to help make the price of a climate-controlled home more affordable. Here are four ways to save money this summer on your AC bill.

  1. Use your thermostat wisely. A good thermostat is worth the investment and can easily pay for itself in lower AC bills. Get a programmable thermostat that will automatically reset the temperature during times when the home is empty, or you are sleeping.
  2. Close your blinds/curtains. Get in the habit of closing your blinds and curtains in the mornings to keep out the sun. This can help keep your home cooler during the day when the temperature outside is at its highest, reducing strain on your AC.
  3. Replace your AC filters. Most AC filters need to be changed every month during the summer. This can help improve efficiency.
  4. Get your AC unit serviced at least once a year. Annual service on your AC unit is a wise investment. This can help your AC unit perform more efficiently and reduce the chance of breakdowns or repairs during the summer. Regular maintenance also will make your unit last longer, saving you money on replacement.

Air conditioning does not need to cost you a fortune. Make sure you are not wasting energy and money by adjusting your AC for times when you are not home and keep your AC unit maintained – these two things alone can save you hundreds of dollars each summer on AC bills.

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Tips to Keep Cool During the Summer

Air conditioning is a luxury, but it can feel like a necessity when the temperatures soar through the summer months. Luxury or not, you want to use your air conditioning to stay cool, but you also do not want to pay enormous energy bills. The best way to reduce your AC bill and keep cool is to set your temperature higher in your home and find other ways to cool yourself and your house. Here are some tips to stay cool and minimize the cost of AC this summer.

  • Use your windows. Windows can either cool or heat the home, depending on how you use them. Make sure you use drapes or blinds over closed windows during the day to keep sunshine out of the home that can heat it up and open the windows to let in cool air in the evening and early mornings.
  • Use a cooling pad in your bed. You can turn your AC off or down during the night if you use a cooling pad on your bed. You will stay cool and use much less energy during those eight hours a night.
  • Use cold or wet shirts. A t-shirt stored in the freezer or wetting your shirt and putting it back on can cool you down quickly.
  • Use your thermostat wisely. Try to reduce the use of AC when you are not home. A smart thermostat is a wise investment to help you control when to use your AC. Set it at higher temps when you are typically not home, then lower the temperature shortly before you will be going back home. Smart thermostats give you the ability to adjust these times as needed from wherever you are to save on energy.

Also be sure that your HVAC system is properly maintained and checked for its efficiency. An efficient system saves money. Stay cool without breaking the bank by keeping yourself and your home cool with these tips.

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Tips To Reduce Air Cooling Costs

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, so does the cost of cooling your home. Even the most efficient air conditioning system can cost a pretty penny to keep running on days when temperatures reach the 90 or 100 degree mark. Before you get sticker shock from opening your energy bill, consider these tips to keep your cooling costs as low as possible. 

  • Heat producing appliances. It is bad enough that the air outside is hot; don’t make the situation worse by adding unnecessary heat indoors. Many appliances create heat when in use, including computers and stoves. If it’s not necessary, keep these appliances turned off or unplugged.
  • Programmable thermostat. One of the biggest contributors to high cooling costs is cooling your home when you are not home or your family is sleeping. A programmable thermostat can help you automatically set your air conditioning to turn off when it is not needed. Talk to your HVAC service company about installing a programmable thermostat if you do not have one.
  • Cooking. On the hottest days, consider cooking meals on an outdoor grill or buying take-out foods for dinner. Turning on your stove or oven on a hot day puts extra strain on your cooling system.
  • Keep shutters and curtains closed. In the mornings, close all your curtains and shutters on your windows and glass doors to insulate your home from the heat outside. Consider purchasing drapes which are specifically designed for insulating purposes.
  • Keep your air conditioning system maintained. Having annual HVAC maintenance performed on your air conditioning unit can ensure that it is working efficiently as possible.

 Hopefully using these tips will help keep your cooling costs to a reasonable level this summer. If you have not already done so, schedule your annual air conditioning maintenance now to avoid breakdowns and additional costs during the hottest months ahead.

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