Considerations During a Commercial HVAC Retrofit

Does your commercial building need a new HVAC system? Adding a new system can be more complicated than just replacing one or two components. An HVAC retrofit can involve changing many aspects within your structure. The result can improve the efficiency of your business’ HVAC system, saving substantial money and improving productivity. But before you begin a HVAC retrofit project, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Will you need changes to your building structure? Your HVAC retrofit can require some changes to your building, including the roof, windows, walls and even masonry. You need to have the construction aspect covered to ensure the project goes smoothly in conjunction with the new HVAC system installation.
  • Are their electrical requirements for your new HVAC system? If you have an older commercial building, there is a good chance the electrical may need to be updated for your retrofit. This upgrade will need to coincide with construction work without delaying the entire project.
  • Do you have a project coordinator? You have a business to run; you can’t afford extensive downtime caused by hiccups during your retrofit. You need a project coordinator that can schedule and organize all the different contractors to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

One option to cover all these factors is to find a commercial HVAC service that offers complete HVAC retrofits from start to finish. There are experienced commercial HVAC services that can manage the entire process, including coordinating the different contractors required for a smooth, efficient project completion.

A new HVAC system for your older commercial building can have a positive impact on your bottom line with improved efficiency. Make sure you have an experienced HVAC service on your side for problem-free retrofit.

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