Heat Pump Not Blowing Warm Air?

Heat pumps can be wonderful when they work the way they are intended. Cool air during the warm months and warm air when it is cold outside. But what do you do when the temperature drops and your heat pump is not giving you the warmth you need? Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you find the problem.

  • Is the thermostat working? One of the main reasons a heat pump is not providing warm air is due to a thermostat problem. Try setting the temperature on the heat pump a few degrees above the current temp in the house and turn the fan on. If the fan comes on but there is no warm air, it may be the thermostat.
  • No fan? If you turned the temperature up and turned the fan on but the fan does not engage, there are a few different things it may be. First check your breaker box to ensure the fuse was not tripped for the heat pump. If the fuse was tripped, you could have a blower motor, wiring or control panel issue. If the breaker is fine, it could be the blower motor.
  • Outdoor unit. If the fan is running but no heat is coming out, try setting your heat pump thermostat to emergency heat. Set the temperature at least five degrees above the current temp and see if warm air comes out the vents. If it does, there could be an issue with your outdoor unit.

Whatever the problem may be, you will need the help of an experienced HVAC service. If you have not had routine maintenance on your heat pump, schedule a tune-up to find out exactly what the heating problem is and have it fixed by a professional.

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