The Bigger Is Better AC Myth

On hot summer days, we want to be able to get away from the heat with refreshing, cold air in our homes. To maintain that cool air, we depend on our air conditioning units to keep the heat at bay. So when it’s time to buy a new air conditioner, many homeowners are convinced that they should buy a unit that’s bigger and more powerful, giving them the cold air they desire. However, bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to AC units. In fact, the only things that will be bigger will be your energy bills, in most cases. 

The Right Size AC Unit Is The Better Unit

AC units come in a variety of sizes and powers, meant to cool different sizes of homes. It makes sense that a 4,000 square foot home will need a larger AC unit than a home that is less than 2,000 square feet. However, some homeowners get caught in the trap of thinking that if they buy the larger unit made for a larger home, they will get increased comfort. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily true. What will happen is that they will pay more to cool their  home to the same temperature that a correct sized AC unit could have done for less money and energy. 

If you have a correctly sized AC unit that is not cooling your home effectively, it is most likely due to problems with the unit, not because the unit is too small. Before spending the money to replace the entire unit, call your local HVAC service company to inspect and service your existing unit. It may just need a tune-up, new filter or some other simple and affordable service. If you do need a new system, they can offer you solutions for AC units which are appropriately sized for your home, and will be efficient as well as effective.

Posted on behalf of James Smith, ClimateSmith LLC


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