Heat Pumps Versus Air Conditioning

As summer approaches, those of you who are considering different ways to stay cool this summer may be shopping for a new cooling system for your home. There are two main types of cooling systems, either an air conditioning system or a heat pump. While both systems will cool your home during the summer, it is the heating factor that can determine which will be the best option for your home. Here are three factors to consider: 

  • Winter temperatures. For those who live in a mild climate with moderate winters, a heat pump can be the most efficient option. While heat pumps are not designed to heat well in frigid temperatures, they are fine for heating on cool days when temperatures hover around 50 degrees. For colder winters, a furnace will offer more efficient heat, paired with either a heat pump in a dual system, or a central air conditioner for summer.
  • Humidity. For climates with high humidity, heat pumps can offer both heating, cooling and humidity control, while air conditioning does not. For many homeowners in the southeast regions of the U.S., a heat pump system can be the best option.
  • Energy efficiency. Heat pumps can offer substantial energy savings over a furnace and air conditioning unit in mild climates. The energy used to heat on cool days with a heat pump can save up to 40% off your electricity bill. However, in cold temperatures, a furnace is more efficient. 

Both systems can offer refuge from the hot summer days ahead, but it most likely will be the heating aspect that will determine your choice of cooling system. Talk to your local HVAC professional about options for your home to learn more about which system will best meet your needs. 

Posted on behalf of James Smith, ClimateSmith LLC


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