Why to Replace Your Furnace Before Winter

At the end of last winter did you determine that it is probably time for a new furnace? When spring and summer arrive, it can be easy to put thoughts of warming your home on the back burner, but this is the best time to consider replacement. Waiting until the first signs of winter arrive is not a good plan when it comes to furnace replacement. Here are some reasons why you should replace your furnace now before winter begins knocking at your door.

  • You are not using it. The best time to replace a furnace is when you are not using it. If you wait until fall, or worse, winter, you can be stuck without heat during the installation process. The same is true for your AC unit; choose a cooler time of year for replacement to avoid going without AC.
  • Easier scheduling. Unfortunately, the first days of winter are when many people realize they need heating service or a new unit installed. It can be difficult to find a HVAC service that can come out right away during this busy time. Off-season is the best time for quick service and easy scheduling for your furnace installation.
  • Great deals. Many companies have their best deals when demand is low. You may be able to save money on your new furnace by having it installed in the off-season – ask for summer, spring or fall specials.

There is no reason to wait until winter arrives to get your new furnace installed. Call your local HVAC contractor and ask about off-season service specials for furnace installations. When winter does arrive, your new furnace will be installed and ready to keep you warm.

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Residential Maintenance Agreements Keep Your HVAC System In Top Shape

Regular maintenance is an excellent way to keep your home heating and cooling system working great for years.  For most forced air heating and air conditioning systems, scheduled service by an HVAC professional twice a year will help the system operate at peak efficiency through the summer and winter cooling and heating seasons.

Some homeowners either forget to schedule their service or skip regular service calls because their heating and cooling system seems to be working well they don’t see the need to spend the money on scheduled service.  Over time, however, regular service can save you money on your energy bills and on repairs.

Just like any mechanical equipment, your heating and cooling system will slowly become less efficient.  This happens so slowly that most homeowners are not even aware of it.  As the system loses efficiency, energy bills slowly rise and again, the homeowner doesn’t notice it or attributes it to something else.

Since the system is not working as efficiently as it can, it has to run longer to keep the home comfortably warm or cold.  Running longer means that the system is working harder than it should and inevitably it will break down sooner than it should.

Fortunately, most HVAC contractors offer residential HVAC maintenance agreements that help assure the heating and cooling system is in top condition.  In many cases, the homeowner will not only get a break on the cost of a regular service visit, but they will not have to remember to schedule service.  The HVAC contractor will automatically schedule service when it is time.

With a residential maintenance agreement, your HVAC system will get the regular service it needs to operate at peak efficiency and to last for years.