How to Reduce Your HVAC Energy Bills

Many people pay thousands of dollars a year to heat and cool their home, money that could be used for something more tangible. If you are tired of high energy bills due to HVAC use, there are ways to reduce your energy use and your monthly bills. While some may require an initial investment, the return on the investment can be substantial. Here are some energy savers when it comes to lowering your heating and cooling bills.

Program Your Thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, use it. If you don’t have a newer model thermostat, make the investment. Programming your thermostat to reduce use when you are sleeping, or the home is empty can save you a large percentage of your energy bill each month while still keeping your home comfortable.

Keep Up with HVAC Maintenance

Making sure your HVAC system is maintained ensures it is working efficiently. Heat pumps, AC units and furnaces all need annual maintenance, which is a small price to pay to keep your system running efficiently.

Upgrade to a New HVAC System

If you have an older HVAC system that is 10, 15 or more years old, you may be paying much more than you should for heating and cooling. Newer systems are made for efficiency. Consider upgrading to an Energy Star rated HVAC system that will pay for itself with a reduction in energy bills.

Need more ideas on how to cut down on your heating and cooling bills? Schedule a tune-up for your HVAC system and have an efficiency analysis performed. Your local HVAC pros can help you find ways to reduce energy use and lower your monthly utility bills.

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