Keeping Heating Costs Low During the Winter

The pendulum swings from summer to winter, especially when it comes to climate control costs. Summertime is all about lowering cooling costs by keeping out heat from outside; winter is just the opposite. Just like shading your home from the hot sun can lower your cooling costs, there are ways to manage heating costs during the winter. Here are a few tips to lower your heating bill this winter.

Use Your Thermostat Wisely

Programmable thermostats can be one of the most valuable tools for managing energy costs. Turn down the heat during times when no one is home and when you are asleep. This can make a significant difference in your heating costs.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not just for cooling; they also can push warm air down to help with heating costs. Make sure your ceilings fans are on “winter mode” to keep air flowing downward when the heat is on. You can notice an almost immediate difference in the temperature of the room when ceiling fans are used correctly.

Add Blankets and Layers

You do not need to run around your home in shorts and bare feet. You can dress in more layers and add blankets to beds and couches for warmth instead of turning up the heat.

Let the Sun In

If you have shades to keep sun out in the summer, open them up and let that sunshine warm your home in the winter. Rooms with afternoon sun can be easier to heat if the sun is allowed in.

Just following these few tips can make a difference in your heating costs. Make sure your furnace is maintained and working efficiently – schedule a tune-up and keep air filters clean to help lower heating costs this winter.

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