Save Money with an HVAC Efficiency Analysis

Is your HVAC system working efficiently or could it perform better? Even if you are not unhappy with your HVAC system, it may not be performing as well as it could. An efficiency analysis can check several factors to determine how well your HVAC system is functioning overall and give options on ways it can be improved. Here are some of the factors that can be checked during an efficiency analysis on your HVAC system.

Air Quality

One area of concern with your HVAC system is how well it is managing your air quality. Are the filters you are using removing enough contaminants from the air? What is the humidity level in your home? Testing your air quality can help determine whether a different type of filter or moisture control unit could be beneficial.

Energy Audit

During an HVAC efficiency analysis, an energy audit is performed to determine whether your HVAC system is maximizing its energy use. This includes evaluating the equipment function and your actual energy use, looking for options to improve the amount of energy used to provide adequate climate control.

Comfortable Climate Control

An efficiency analysis can help identify issues that may affect comfort and energy use. Air duct leaks, outdated therostats or other issues can impact the comfort levels in different areas in your home as well as how much energy you use for heating and cooling.

Having an HVAC efficiency analysis performed every few years can help you keep your energy costs low and improve the comfort and air quality in your home. Contact your local HVAC company that offers an efficiency analysis service to find out if you could save money with some changes to your heating or cooling system.

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