Advantages of a Ductless Mini Split System

A ductless mini split heating and cooling system is an alternative to a traditional split system that can be the perfect solution in certain situations.  A traditional split system heat pump or air conditioner has an outdoor condenser hooked to an air handler inside the home.  The air handler distributes the heated or cooled air throughout the home through a network of ducts.

A ductless mini split system works exactly like a conventional split system except that instead of a network of ducts, there is an air handler in each room that delivers the conditioned air to that room.  Each air handler is connected to the condenser by a line set for the refrigerant and has its own thermostat.

These systems are an excellent alternative for retrofits to homes and buildings that did not have a central heating and cooling system installed and lack the space needed to install a duct system.  There is no ductwork involved with a mini split system.  The air handler simply mounts on the wall and delivers conditioned air directly to the room.  They also work well in homes that would benefit from zoned heating and cooling.  Since each air handler is controlled by its own thermostat, the temperature and humidity in each area of the home is easily controlled.

Homes with finished attics, basements, additions, and bonus rooms over the garage are often great candidates for zoned heating and cooling and ductless mini split systems make zoning for these applications a breeze.    Your HVAC contractor can help you decide if a ductless mini split system is good solution for your HVAC needs.

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