Do You Have A Room Or Outbuilding That Needs HVAC?

If you have added on a room to your home or have a detached garage or outbuilding, you may not have heating and air conditioning in these areas. Often, home additions or out buildings cannot easily be added on to existing central heating and air conditioning sytems, due to the location. However, there are options to give these remote areas HVAC with their own small heat pump unit. Ductless mini splits are a great option to give these areas heating and air conditioning without the need for adding ductwork on to your existing system. 

What Is A Mini Split System?

Basically, a ductless mini split system is a heat pump unit that does not use ducts and can be added to almost any exterior wall. These versatile heating and cooling units have an outdoor condenser which is connected through the wall to an inside air handler. All the necessary components are contained in the unit to keep the air cool throughout the hot summer and warm in the winter in smaller spaces. 

All that is needed to install these units is a small hole in the wall and a power source. Your local HVAC contractor can easily install one or more of these units in your home or outbuildings. They are ideal for rooms that either are not connected to your central HVAC system or may be in warmer areas of the home; a  hot, west side room may benefit from its own mini split instead of feeding off the central air conditioning system. 

These units are very energy efficient as they do not use ductwork and blow the conditioned air directly into the area. They can be an excellent addition to larger homes, new addition or out buildings to keep your entire property comfortable all year round. Call your local HVAC professional to discuss adding a ductless mini split system to your home.

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