Is it Time to Upgrade your Office HVAC?

Do your employees complain that your office building is too hot or too cold, maybe even on the same day? Controlling temperature and air quality in an office environment can be difficult, and expensive. Unfortunately, if you have the wrong HVAC system or if it is out-of-date, it can be costing you in more ways than one. Consider these negative impacts a poorly running HVAC system can have on your business.

  • Higher energy costs. If different parts of your building are cold, warm and hot, you are wasting energy. Plus, older systems tend to be less efficient. Upgrading to a system that has better climate control and efficiency can save you thousands each year in energy costs.
  • Decreased productivity. Did you know that air quality and temperature can have a major impact on how productive your employees are? Just the time they spend complaining about the temperature fluctuations is enough to have an impact.
  • More repair costs. If you have an older HVAC system, you probably know your HVAC repairman on a first-name basis. While opting for a new system or retrofit is a big expense, it may be worth the investment and save you money in the long run off ongoing repair costs. Maintenance is cheap compared to calling for emergency repairs every month; plus, the HVAC downtime has a bigger impact on your employees and clients.

There is a point where the benefits of replacement outweigh the cost of continuing to use an old HVAC system in your office building. Talk to your local commercial HVAC service company about installing a new, efficient system or consider a retrofit for your building.

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