Is It Time to Update Your Commercial HVAC Controls?

Energy efficiency is a vital part of managing your company’s budget. If you own a large commercial property, your heating and cooling costs can have a significant impact on your bottom line. The control system you use for your buildings HVAC is important in managing energy efficiency. If you have an older HVAC control system, it may be time to update to a newer, more efficient option.

Pneumatic controls have been used in heating and cooling for decades. While they are simple to maintain and repair, they do not have the capacity for efficiency of new control options. Everything is manually controlled, without the reporting, data and processing capacities of advanced control systems.


Direct digital controls or DDC is the next level of advanced efficiency in HVAC controls. DDC offers a connected system that manages energy efficiency instead of only controlling it. DDC has advantages in calibration, maintenance and energy efficiency, saving large facilities thousands of dollars in maintenance and energy costs.

The highest level of HVAC control technology is complete automation. This takes the DDC model and offers more control. Building automation systems (BAS) allow property managers to oversee energy, maintenance and calibration data from any computer or connected devices. Property managers can oversee HVAC controls for several properties from a remote location, improving efficiency and saving time.

If your commercial building is still using an outdated pneumatic control system, it may be time to retrofit your HVAC with new controls. Both DDC and BAS offer increased energy savings, often up to 15%, plus cost savings in maintenance. Talk with your local commercial HVAC service company to explore the options in upgrading your system.

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