Commercial HVAC Service

Commercial HVAC maintenance is often overlooked in many smaller commercial office buildings without a building engineer.   In many cases the tenant’s lease will shift the responsibility for the maintenance, service and repairs of the HVAC to the tenant.  As a result, routine maintenance is often overlooked and the first time a HVAC contractor is called is when the system stops working! 

All commercial HVAC systems should be checked at least two times a year, depending upon the type of system being used.  Often the smaller office building will utilize a number of packaged roof top units that supply heating and cooling to the space.  The service should include the cleaning or replacement of air filters, inspection of belts, fans and refrigerant levels.  Also a visual inspection of the office space should be done as well to determine if any modifications have been made that impacts the way that the system performs.  Issues identified can be correctly before they become critical.  Depending upon the part of the country that the building is located in and the seasons, often this service can be scheduled before the traditional heating and cooling seasons begin. 

Many HVAC contractors will offer various commercial HVAC service plans to assist building owners and tenants in their maintenance needs.  These plans can vary in scope and price and often can be tailored to the needs of the customer.  In addition to addressing the HVAC maintenance needs of the customer, these plans also help develop a relationship between the owner and tenant of the building and the HVAC contractor.  In many cases having a relationship with a HVAC contractor is beneficial when the A/C stops working on the hottest day of the year!

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