4 Ways to Cut Down Commercial Heating Costs

Utility costs directly impact a business’ bottom line. Climate control in commercial buildings can be expensive, especially in large facilities. Finding ways to lower heating and cooling costs can decrease overhead and increase profits – yet many facilities are still poorly equipped when it comes to the efficiency of their HVAC systems. Here are four ways to help minimize building heating costs:

  1. Improve Insulation. While all commercial buildings are insulated to some extent, many are not insulated to the extent they should be for energy efficiency. Adding insulation to exterior walls and roofs, as well as insulated windows can help manage temperature fluctuations.
  2. Invest in an energy recovery ventilator. Reduce the load on the HVAC system with an energy recovery ventilator. This ventilation system recycles energy from released air from the building and preconditions air coming into the building, helping improve the efficiency of the HVAC system.
  3. Building automation system. Automated controls with remote access can help building managers improve their HVAC efficiency. With access to all controls from any computer or mobile device, multiple buildings and zones can be managed from anywhere, cutting down on heating and cooling costs.
  4. Keep up with HVAC maintenance. Scheduled, routine maintenance is one of the best ways to improve HVAC efficiency and prevent breakdowns. Find a quality commercial HVAC service that offers cost-efficient maintenance plans to ensure the existing equipment is kept well-maintained to reduce energy use.

Investments into efficiency can greatly impact energy costs for heating and cooling, often paying for themselves within a few years with lower utility bills. Contact a local commercial HVAC service to schedule an energy analysis for your commercial building to explore options to cut your energy bills and overhead.

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