Is Your Industrial HVAC Technician Legit?

When it comes to commercial or industrial HVAC installation, maintenance and repair, you want to ensure the company and technicians you hire are up for the task. Many HVAC companies offer commercial service, but not all have the experience and expertise needed for large, industrial operations. Before hiring a HVAC contractor, take the time to vet and choose the best one for the job. Here are some tips to ensure your HVAC technician is legit for industrial projects.

  • Does the HVAC company do both residential and commercial work? While there is nothing wrong with doing both, this means they are spread thin. There are many more residential customers than industrial, which means they may not have the resources available when you need them for your business.
  • Experience in industrial HVAC systems. There is a big difference between servicing a commercial HVAC system for a small restaurant and one for a large manufacturing outfit or hospital. Make sure they have experience and references from industrial projects, not just smaller commercial jobs.
  • Years of expertise. Choose a HVAC contractor that has been specializing in industrial systems for decades. You want technicians that can work on older HVAC systems as well as newer ones.
  • Services offered. While you may just need a repair or maintenance service now, consider the needs you may have in the future. Choose a company that offers retrofits, HVAC automation and complete installation of new systems to meet all your current and future HVAC needs.

Your industrial HVAC system can have a large impact on your business. Make sure you find the best contractor to service your system to get the best value for your investment.

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