Troubleshooting Common AC Problems

It seems like when you need your AC the most, that is when problems arise. This is not a coincidence; the hotter it is outside, the harder your unit must work to keep your home cool. If your AC seems to be struggling, it is often due to a few common problems. Before your unit stops working altogether, troubleshoot the problem and see if it is a quick fix.

Check the Thermostat

This may seem obvious, but if you have your thermostat programmed, you may not look at it that often. If your AC is not cooling effectively, it may because it is not set at the right temperature. This is the first place to look.

Is Your Filter Dirty?

During the hottest months you may need to change your AC filter every 30 days to keep it working efficiently. If your unit doesn’t seem to be performing up to par, check the filter and change it if needed.

Is There Hot Air Coming in to Your Home?

Make sure there are no windows open that are letting in hot air. Close the curtains or shades on sunny, hot days to make it easier on your unit to cool the air.

Is There Something Blocking Air on the Outside Unit?

Make sure no plants or other items are blocking the air flow on the outside compressor – there should be at least two feet of clearance around the outside unit.

If you troubleshoot these common issues and your AC unit still is not cooling effectively, call your local HVAC service. You made need a tune-up or a repair to get your unit working efficiently again.

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