How Often Should You Clean Your HVAC Ducts?

Do you know what is hiding in the HVAC ducts in your home? If it has been a few years since your last duct cleaning, it could be a collection of dirt and other debris. Dirty ducts can affect your air quality and the health of your family. Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your air ducts, from frequency to signs it is time to schedule a cleaning now.

What is in Your Air Ducts?

If your air ducts are properly sealed and your humidity is low, your air ducts most likely stay clean longer with just a little dust collecting inside. However, most ducts are located in areas where they may be infiltrated by pests, which can lead to problems. Not only can pests like rodents create cracks or leaks in your duct work, they may be defecating and urinating in your ducts; holes they create can allow in other pests that may live and die in your ductwork. And if your home has high humidity, mold could be growing inside your ducts.

When Should You Clean Your Ducts?

For well-sealed ductwork without mold problems, cleaning will only need to be done every 3-5 years. But if you have signs of dirty ducts, you should schedule an inspection and cleaning sooner. These can include:

  • Duct vents are frequently dirty
  • There are bad odors emitted from your air ducts
  • You have a mold problem in your home
  • Those with dust and other air allergies are having more pronounced symptoms when in your home

Cleaning you air ducts as needed can help keep your home healthy. Make sure to have your ducts inspected during your annual HVAC service and professionally cleaned every few years.

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