3 Reasons Your Furnace Is Short-Cycling

Does your furnace turn on, run for a few minutes, then shut off again, just to restart again a short while later? This is called short-cycling and it is a sign that something is not working correctly in your furnace. This constant starting and stopping causes more wear and tear on your furnace and will drive up your heating costs each month. There are a three common reasons for short-cycling – some easy to fix, others that are larger problems.

Thermostat Malfunction

One of the simplest reasons your furnace is short-cycling is a communication issue in your thermostat. If your thermostat is older, or just malfunctioning, replacing it could stop the short-cycling problem, lowering your energy bills and reducing wear on your furnace.

Overheating Issues

If the heat exchanger in your furnace is overheating, this can be the reason that the furnace turns off after just a short period, then restarts when it cools down. This can be a serious problem; it can cause cracks in the heat exchanger that can lead to carbon monoxide leaks in your home. However, it is usually caused by restricted air flow or a dirty filter, which can be easily fixed.

Your Furnace is Too Large

If you have a new furnace and short-cycling is occurring, your furnace may be too large for your home. Bigger is not always better – when purchasing a furnace, it should be right sized for your home or it can cause problems. A furnace that is too large will heat too quickly and often the air is not distributed properly, causing the unit to turn on and off more often.

If you are not sure what is causing your short-cycling problem, the best solution is to have your furnace inspected by a local HVAC service.

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