Lower Costs By Reducing Your Need for Air Conditioning

Of course, it should go without saying that if we use less air conditioning then that should reduce our costs. However, most of us just want to run out and buy a new, bigger, better, more energy efficient air conditioning system. That, too, can be a solution to high summer energy costs. But, before you do that, try some of these cheaper ways to reduce your cooling costs by reducing your need for mechanical air conditioning in the first place. 

Improve your insulation and air sealing to prevent heat from entering your home, much the same as you take precautions to prevent cold air from entering your home in the winter. Rid yourself of old appliances that give off a lot of heat. Consider replacing that energy wasting, inefficient refrigerator and remember to unplug anything electronic if you are not using it. Even light bulbs can give off heat, so replace those incandescent bulbs with LEDs. Shade those east and west windows during peak sun exposure times. If you are considering repairs or replacement of your exterior finishes, look for energy products that will help to cut down on heat gain through your roof, paint or siding. Fans can create a lot of comfortable cool air when there isn’t much humidity; they are quite effective, especially ceiling fans, while using much less energy than an air conditioner. 

If you are still looking to upgrade or purchase a new air conditioning system for your home, remember that every home has specific requirements. Your local HVAC professional contractor can ensure that you get the most effective and energy efficient air conditioning system for the your individual needs.