Installing Gas Appliances and Gas Grills

Any serious cook will tell you that they prefer a gas range to an electric one. The temperature control with a gas flame is much more precise than you could ever achieve with any kind of electrical surface. Gas is a great choice for other appliances as well. You can find dryers that are gas operated instead of electric; gas water heaters are popular for their quick heating ability. If outdoor grilling is a popular cooking option for your family, having your grill connected to your natural gas line can be much more convenient and economical than using propane tanks. 

If you need gas appliances installed or want to convert from electrical appliances to gas, who do you call? When you think gas, think heat. Gas furnaces are installed by heating contractors and your heating contractor should be the person you call for the installation of any other gas appliance as well. 

HVAC contractors are the gas appliance experts. They can safely install new gas piping to a range, dryer, hot water heater or an outdoor grill. When they connect your appliance to the gas line, they will test the connections and burners to make sure there are no leaks and that the appliance is operating properly.

If you do not yet have a carbon monoxide detector in your home, your HVAC contractor will certainly recommend that you install one. Every home should have a CO detector, but homes with gas appliances of any type are particularly susceptible to dangerous CO levels developing due to a malfunction. Your HVAC contractor can install a carbon monoxide detector and other HVAC accessories. If you do have a CO detector installed, be sure that you have it tested to be sure that is working properly.