Safety Tips for Using Your Gas Furnace

Furnaces are the best way to warm your home when the temperatures drop below or around freezing. However, gas furnaces can have safety risks when not used or maintained properly. To keep your furnace working efficiently and your family safe, you need to be aware of furnace safety. Here are some tips to reduce chances of fires or health issues caused by your furnace.

Keep Vents Clear

Air flow is important to your HVAC system. Make sure vents are not blocked by furniture or other items to keep air flowing through your duct system.

Keep Flammables Away from the Furnace

You want to keep the area around your furnace clean and clear to prevent fires. You should not store flammables like gasoline, paint thinners, rags, paper or cardboard near your furnace. Plus, you want to clean around your furnace to remove dust and lint that can ignite fires – vacuum at least once a month around the furnace and the vents.

Use a Smoke and CO Detector

One of big risks of a gas furnace is a gas leak. Natural gas can be deadly, but it is invisible and odorless. Make sure you have a working CO detector that can alert you if you have a gas leak and a smoke detector for fire warning.

Maintain Your Furnace

You should have an inspection and service performed on your furnace every year. This can identify any safety concerns and prevent breakdowns in the middle of winter. On top of annual maintenance, make sure to change air filters throughout the winter.

With a few safety precautions and maintenance, your furnace can safely keep your home and family warm all winter long.

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