4 Ways to Save Money on Your AC Bill

Staying cool in your home during the summer comes at a price, and it is usually on your electric bill. Air conditioning can make the hot days and nights bearable, but it can be expensive. There are a few ways to minimize the costs to help make the price of a climate-controlled home more affordable. Here are four ways to save money this summer on your AC bill.

  1. Use your thermostat wisely. A good thermostat is worth the investment and can easily pay for itself in lower AC bills. Get a programmable thermostat that will automatically reset the temperature during times when the home is empty, or you are sleeping.
  2. Close your blinds/curtains. Get in the habit of closing your blinds and curtains in the mornings to keep out the sun. This can help keep your home cooler during the day when the temperature outside is at its highest, reducing strain on your AC.
  3. Replace your AC filters. Most AC filters need to be changed every month during the summer. This can help improve efficiency.
  4. Get your AC unit serviced at least once a year. Annual service on your AC unit is a wise investment. This can help your AC unit perform more efficiently and reduce the chance of breakdowns or repairs during the summer. Regular maintenance also will make your unit last longer, saving you money on replacement.

Air conditioning does not need to cost you a fortune. Make sure you are not wasting energy and money by adjusting your AC for times when you are not home and keep your AC unit maintained – these two things alone can save you hundreds of dollars each summer on AC bills.

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Is it Time for an HVAC Energy Efficiency Analysis?

One of the ways you can increase your spendable income each month is cutting down on energy use. Shutting off lights, regulating temperatures and cutting down on hot water use are a few ways to reduce your energy bills. But a bigger way to save money is to invest in energy efficient appliances, including your HVAC system. An energy efficiency analysis can give you an estimate on how efficient your current system is and ideas on how to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

If you have a newer HVAC system and your energy bills seem reasonable, you may not need an analysis of your heating/cooling system. However, if any of these apply to you, it may benefit you to explore getting an analysis performed to see if you can improve your HVAC efficiency:

  • Your furnace/HVAC system is at least ten years old
  • Your energy bills have continually increased
  • There is difficulty maintaining even temperatures throughout your home
  • Poor air quality

What Should be Included in an Energy Efficiency Analysis

Many HVAC companies may offer an energy efficiency analysis, but you want to ensure you get a complete system analysis. Some of the inspection/analysis points that should be included:

  • Air quality and distribution
  • Energy consumption
  • Temperature control
  • Comfort level
  • Operation and owning costs
  • AC/heating service

Even newer HVAC systems may have components that can be improved for better efficiency and air quality in the home. A comprehensive evaluation can help you identify if service is needed, repairs, or if a complete replacement could be a wise investment. Contact your local HVAC service that offers a complete HVAC energy efficiency analysis to see if you improve your home’s HVAC system and save money off your energy bills.

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