Remotely Manage Your Building’s HVAC System

Energy costs can bust your business’ budget, especially on larger commercial buildings. Keeping an eye on heating and cooling levels is the best way to lower energy costs for most property managers and owners. However, this can be difficult when you have more than one property to manage or are rarely at the facility. A wise investment to control HVAC use is upgrading to an automation HVAC system that can allow you to manage climate control remotely.

Benefits of Building HVAC Automation

Building automation systems can allow you to control and monitor your heating and cooling from wherever you have access to the internet. Web-based automation systems are the best way for busy property managers and owners to manage their heating and cooling controls. Some of the many benefits to investing in building automation for your HVAC system include:

  • Lower energy costs with better control – many automation systems pay for themselves with energy savings in a few years
  • Accurate reporting and data accessible from any where you have internet or Wi-Fi
  • Alerts for system problems
  • 24/7 access to controls
  • Controlled access and better HVAC security

Once automation is installed, managing your building’s heating and cooling system is simpler and more convenient. Controlling costs can be accomplished remotely, without worrying about needing to be on-site to make significant changes. If you have more than one property with automation in place, the time, energy and money saved can be multiplied.

If you still use manual controls for your commercial building’s HVAC system, automation can give you remote access for energy and climate control management. Contact an industrial HVAC service company that offers automation system installation to learn more about the different options available.

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Energy Efficiency Testing for Your Business

For some reason, many of us seem very energy conscious when it comes to our homes, but not as cognitive about the energy inefficiencies which may be draining funds out of our business. 

How much would you save on energy costs if all the lights were shut off when they weren’t in use or were put on timers? Could the thermostats be adjusted up or down a degree or two? The utility costs associated with operating a business make up a big piece of the overhead expense. Why not make some effort to curb those costs? 

If you’re HVAC system is more than a couple of years old, you might want to start your energy savings program by scheduling an energy efficiency test on the system by a qualified commercial HVAC maintenence contractor. A contractor can make a thorough inspection of the system and make any repairs or maintenance required. When a system is running properly it will consume less energy. 

Sometimes, even when a system is operating at its maximum efficiency, you may still be experiencing higher energy bills than you would with a newer more efficient system. Your HVAC contractor can assist you in weighing out the costs of replacement against the potential energy savings. An upgrade may save you money over time. 

Don’t leave your ‘green’ hat at home. Saving energy in your business can be ‘green’ in more than one way.