Choosing the Right Commercial HVAC Service

Service for a commercial or industrial HVAC system is much different than residential. While many HVAC companies advertise that they offer both residential and commercial HVAC services, few can perform the service needed for large, industrial HVAC systems. When choosing an HVAC service company to maintain, service and repair your system, you want the right experts to do the job. Here are a few factors to consider.

Do They Only Do Commercial HVAC?

If you have a large HVAC system, you want a company that specializes in these types of systems. Choose an HVAC company that only services industrial and commercial systems. This will weed out the other companies that may not have the time or experience needed for your type of system.

Do They Offer Maintenance Packages?

One of the best ways to avoid shutdowns and lower your HVAC costs is through ongoing maintenance. Find a HVAC company that offers comprehensive maintenance and service packages for commercial and industrial systems.

New Installation, Retrofits and Automation Options

You want an HVAC company that will be able to make the needed upgrades to your system in the future. Choose a company that can replace, retrofit or improve your automation HVAC needs when the time comes.

Will They Be There in an Emergency?

If your HVAC system is down, your business may also be unable to function. Make sure the company you choose guarantees quick repair service in an emergency, 24/7.

Finding the right HVAC service for your commercial system can help minimize costs and ensure you have an expert on your side when you need them. Take the time to find the best commercial HVAC service to maintain your system.

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Residential Emergency HVAC Service

A vast majority of residential HVAC service contractors have a service department that offers 24-hour emergency service.  However, not every heating or cooling issue is considered an emergency.  Many HVAC contractors consider conditions that threaten either life or property to be an emergency.  

In many cases, especially during dramatic seasonal changes such as the first really hot day of the summer or very cold winter days, the contractor will need to prioritize emergency service calls in the same way an emergency room prioritizes patients.  That being said, the HVAC contractor is committed to resolving the issue as soon as possible.  

A home with no heat is considered and emergency when the temperature is at or below freezing by most HVAC contractors.  Obviously the occupants could be in danger due to the cold and the property is in danger if the pipes freeze.  In homes with two furnaces, if one is still functioning, it is not considered an emergency, as the occupants of the home can easily relocate into the heated part of the home until the HVAC contractor can get there. 

A home with no air conditioning is not considered an emergency.  The only exception for most HVAC contractors would be if one or more of the occupants was sick or elderly and could not be easily moved to a cooler place.  Obviously, this could be life threatening if they could not be relocated to a cooler place. 

In many cases the consumer can benefit from developing a relationship with a residential HVAC contractor before an emergency occurs.  One way to develop this relationship is to consider a semi annual maintenance plan where the HVAC contractor performs an inspection of the HVAC system and performs preventative maintenance before the heating and cooling seasons.