Looking to Upgrade to Automation for Your Commercial HVAC System?

If you have not already automated your commercial HVAC system, what are you waiting for? Manually controls for managing your building’s heating and cooling system is outdated and most likely costing you in efficiency. Automation can reduce energy costs and give your building managers more precise control over your system.

There are many different options available for retrofitting your existing system to automated controls. However, two stand out as leaders in the industry and should be on the top of your list to consider when moving to building automation.

Distech Controls

Distech controls offer improved efficiency, a cost-effective option for any company looking to upgrade to automation for their HVAC system. Users can realize up to a 30% saving with Distech Controls, making it a wise investment. Their innovative mobile application allows users to access all controls from any mobile devices, offering 24/7 control of your systems from anywhere.

Niagara Framework

Another option to transform an older HVAC system to automation is Niagara Framework. This software system can automate all the building systems under one platform, from the HVAC and lighting to security systems and elevators. All the controls are accessible from mobile devices and computers, giving your building managers the ability to see alerts, alarms and functional reporting from any location.

While investing in an automation system for your building or complex is a major investment, it is one that has a high return. Most companies can pay for their automation start up costs in the first few years with energy and efficiency savings. Make sure to have a HVAC service contractor that is certified to install and work on these devices to get the most from your investment.

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