Fall Checklist for Your Furnace

When the trees begin to lose their leaves and the air becomes a little cooler, you know what time it is – time to tune-up your furnace. There is a good chance your furnace has not been on since March or April, and it needs a little maintenance before it begins heating your home this winter. Here is a quick fall checklist of furnace maintenance items to do before the winter months arrive.

  • Change the filter. It is always good to start the season with a fresh filter. Most furnace filters need to be changes once a month or every other month, depending on the amount of use and the type of filter.
  • Burn off the dust. The first time your furnace turns on, it is usually a little unpleasant. Dust in the vents and inside the furnace can create an odor. Fire up your furnace for a test run and open the windows and doors to air out the house while you burn off the dust of summer.
  • Clear vent areas. Blowing cold air is different than hot air. For safety, make sure nothing flammable is near vents or the furnace, and that the areas in front of vents are clear.
  • Schedule your tune-up. It can behoove you to schedule your annual furnace tune-up every fall to make sure everything is still in good working order. Routine HVAC maintenance can help efficiency and inspection of the equipment can identify issues that need repair before winter arrives.

Don’t wait for the cold weather to begin worrying about your heating system; get your furnace ready for winter this fall by crossing these maintenance items off your list.

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Fall Tune Ups for Your Heating System

Even when the days are still warm in the fall, winter is never that far away. Don’t wait for the nights to get cold to get your heating system ready for winter. Every heating system needs annual service to ensure it is ready to take on the role of warming your home. Whether you have a heat pump or a furnace, fall is the time for your tune-up.

Heat Pump Tune Ups

Heat pumps require similar tune ups as air conditioning units. Since they do not use fuel, there is no pilot lights or other heating elements to check. However, they still need to have the moving parts lubricated and other elements inspected. The filter needs to be cleaned or changed, belts adjusted, connections inspected, and the thermostat checked for efficiency.

Furnace Tune Ups

Like a heat pump, a furnace will need the filter cleaned or changed, and the various moving parts lubricated. A full inspection of the system should be completed, from the thermostat and wiring to the duct work and blowers. Furnaces will also need the heat exchanger, vent pipe, pilot light and flues inspected. Any soot or corrosion should be removed and a check for carbon monoxide should be performed.

While some maintenance for heat pumps and furnaces like filter changes can be performed by the homeowner, a full tune up by a professional is recommended. When completed in the fall before the temperatures drop, a tune up can ensure the system is ready to perform at the highest efficiency and catch any repairs that need to be done before winter arrives. Schedule your tune up for your heat pump or furnace with your local HVAC pro this fall and be ready for winter when it arrives.

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4 Ways to Save Money on Your AC Bill

Staying cool in your home during the summer comes at a price, and it is usually on your electric bill. Air conditioning can make the hot days and nights bearable, but it can be expensive. There are a few ways to minimize the costs to help make the price of a climate-controlled home more affordable. Here are four ways to save money this summer on your AC bill.

  1. Use your thermostat wisely. A good thermostat is worth the investment and can easily pay for itself in lower AC bills. Get a programmable thermostat that will automatically reset the temperature during times when the home is empty, or you are sleeping.
  2. Close your blinds/curtains. Get in the habit of closing your blinds and curtains in the mornings to keep out the sun. This can help keep your home cooler during the day when the temperature outside is at its highest, reducing strain on your AC.
  3. Replace your AC filters. Most AC filters need to be changed every month during the summer. This can help improve efficiency.
  4. Get your AC unit serviced at least once a year. Annual service on your AC unit is a wise investment. This can help your AC unit perform more efficiently and reduce the chance of breakdowns or repairs during the summer. Regular maintenance also will make your unit last longer, saving you money on replacement.

Air conditioning does not need to cost you a fortune. Make sure you are not wasting energy and money by adjusting your AC for times when you are not home and keep your AC unit maintained – these two things alone can save you hundreds of dollars each summer on AC bills.

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Why Spring is the Best Time for AC Service

Budding trees and blooming flowers are signs of spring; they are also signs that it is time for annual service on your air conditioning system. You should have service performed on your AC unit at least once a year, but there are good reasons to plan service every year in the spring. Here are a few reasons why spring is the best time of year to get a tune-up, inspection and service on your air conditioning system.

  • Beat the rush. Once the temperatures start rising, the phones at HVAC service companies start ringing. Beat the rush and get your system checked and serviced before you need to wait longer to get an appointment.
  • Avoid breakdowns in the summer. Sure, you can get your AC serviced any time of year, but it is best to have it done right before the hottest season. If parts need to be replaced or there are other issues, get them fixed in the spring to avoid breakdowns during the summer when you need your AC the most.
  • Special deals. Often HVAC services will have a springtime deal on tune-ups and services to encourage their customers to get maintenance done early. You may be able to save money by not procrastinating until the warmer weather hits and your HVAC contractor is too busy to give a discount.

Let the blooming flowers and trees in spring be a reminder each year that it is time for an AC service. Contact your local HVAC contractor to schedule your annual service to get your air conditioning system ready to perform its best for the hot summer months ahead.

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Does Your HVAC Need a Tune-Up?

Like any machinery, your HVAC system has many moving parts that need occasional lubrication, cleaning and even replacement. When regular maintenance or service is not performed, eventually the system will come to a halt. With HVAC systems, Murphy’s Law says it will stop on the hottest or coldest day of the year, when you need it the most. So how you know if your HVAC system needs a tune-up?

For most HVAC systems, a tune-up consists of a full inspection of the system. This includes making sure everything is working correctly, looking for visible issue and listen for any odd sounds. The safety of the unit is also checked, including wiring and plugs. The system is usually lubricated where needed and cleaned. Cleaning includes the condenser coils, vents and filters. Coolant levels are checked, filled if needed, and a check for leaks is performed. The thermostat is checked and all controls.

For most systems, an annual tune-up is sufficient to keep on top of needed maintenance. A good time to schedule your tune-ups is either in the spring or fall, between the two cooler and hotter times of year. With regular tune-ups, many issues can be prevented that may cause a breakdown. Repairs can be made proactively, saving you the hassle of being without heat or air when you really need it.

Make sure you are scheduling your regular tune-ups before the busiest times of the year. If it has been over a year since your last HVAC tune-up, call to schedule yours right away. Maintenance can help improve efficiency and prevent system failures down the road, also extending the life of your unit.

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4 Benefits of Annual Furnace Tune-Ups

When was the last time you had a complete tune-up on your furnace? If it has been over a year, you are past due for service. Annual tune-ups keep your furnace maintained, which can lead to many benefits down the road. Here are four benefits you can reap from keeping up with your annual maintenance on your furnace.

  1. More efficiency. The immediate reward you may get from annual tune-ups is more efficiency for heating with your furnace, and lower utility bills. A well-maintained furnace runs better, with less fuel or energy, saving you money all winter long.
  2. Longevity. Like any mechanical system, a furnace will last longer when it is properly cleaned, lubricated and maintained. Extend the time between replacements with annual tune-ups on your furnace, saving you more money and making the most of your investment.
  3. Better air quality. Your furnace circulates the air in your home and can impact the quality of the air. Tune-ups can help improve the air quality with regular filter changes and other services to maintain clean, healthy air in your home.
  4. Tune-ups often catch issues that need to be repaired before they cause a break down of the system. Instead of waking up to a cold house and needing to call a repair company, keep your system working consistently with tune-ups every year.

Keep your heating costs as low as possible by sticking to a routine schedule for annual tune-ups on your furnace. It is a small investment that can pay for itself in better energy efficiency and fewer emergency repairs, as well as extending the life of your furnace.

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Don’t Wait To Get Your Annual HVAC Service

Although spring has just arrived, now is the time to get your HVAC system serviced for its annual check-up. While in most regions the temperatures are still mild, it wont be long before the days begin to get warmer, instigating calls to local HVAC companies for A/C service. Annual tune-ups of your A/C unit can ensure that it’s ready to keep you and your family cool through the hot summer months; plus, it can extend the life of your unit by a few years or more. 

Recommended Annual Service

Spring is the best time to schedule your residential HVAC service, getting it ready for the hot months ahead. Although you can perform this service any time of the year, scheduling this service every spring is what most A/C professionals recommend. After sitting dormant for several months, the unit needs to be cleaned, oiled and inspected before beginning months of regular use. Some of the things which need to be checked each spring on your A/C unit include: 

  • Filters – Filters should be cleaned, inspected and replaced if necessary.
  • Refrigerant – Low levels of refrigerant can be a sign of a leak. Refrigerant should be checked, looking for any signs of leaking.
  • Condenser –  An inspection and cleaning of the condenser, condenser coils and evaporator should be performed.
  • Thermostat – Calibrating the thermostat can ensure that your A/C unit is not working overtime. 

The entire unit will be inspected, oiling the motor and checking electrical components as well. Your local A/C professional can identify any issues that should be fixed before summer, reducing the chance of an A/C breakdown during the hot months. Many HVAC companies may even offer a spring service special, making this a great time to save money and get your unit ready for summer.

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The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Most homes are equipped with a heating system and an air-conditioning unit.  Keeping your HVAC system from breaking down requires more than knowing how to turn them on or adjusting the thermostat.

To keep your home heating and cooling system running free of unexpected breakdowns, schedule residential HVAC preventative maintenance each year. This is important as it’s estimated that 90% of all heating system and an air-conditioning unit failures are due to dirt or rust that could have been avoided by routine maintenance.

Also, remember you are breathing air that is filtered by your heating and air-conditioning systems. Unchanged filters result in you and your family breathing air that is contaminated and harmful.

Finding Professional Help

If you don’t already have a good HVAC technician, then it’s essential that you find a reliable heating and air-conditioning service company.

It’s never a bad idea to ask family and friends for recommendations. A friend or family member might have recently hired a company or know someone in the industry. Such inquiries can result in valuable information and solid recommendations.

Be sure to ask them if they:

  • Were pleased with the service
  • Have any advice
  • Suggest questions to ask the technician
  • Know of any companies to avoid

Doing an online search will likely yield many heating and air-conditioning service companies. Nevertheless, don’t choose the first company that you discover.

Instead, invest a little time in finding out more about the heating and air-conditioning service company. You always want to hire the company with service technicians who are experienced and very knowledgeable in the industry. Lastly, it’s recommended to choose a company that has many satisfied clients and reviews.

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