Mini Split Ductless Systems

Older homes, built more than 75 years ago, are a very popular option for homeowners looking for a great value combining price, house size and lot size.  Often these homes are in need of modernization to the mechanical systems, in order to incorporate the modern day comforts that homeowners demand.  One such comfort is air conditioning!  

In general these older homes will have a heating system based upon a boiler with radiators in each room, but they were built before air conditioning was used widespread.  Due to limitations in the house layout, ceiling heights and the structure, it is in many cases not feasible to incorporate a modern forced air heating and air conditioning system utilizing ductwork.  In the past, air conditioning in these types of homes was provided by a series of window mounted air conditioning units.  Today, homeowners have the option of utilizing a ductless mini-split air conditioning system, which can be easily and economically installed by a qualified HVAC contractor. 

Basically these systems incorporate an outdoor compressor and a small indoor air handler unit.  The indoor air handler is typically wall, ceiling or floor mounted, while the compressor unit is either placed on the ground or wall mounted.  The system can be zoned, utilizing multiple air handlers and thermostats operating off of a single compressor.  The manufacturers of these systems, which are very popular in Asia on new construction, include both LG and Mitsubishi.  In addition to being economical, these systems are easily installed by a qualified HVAC contractor and often only require a single 3” hole in the exterior wall of the home.  Speak with your HVAC contractor today and see if a mini split ductless system is a good choice for your home.