Ductless Mini Split AC A Quick Easy Solution

Do you have a room or separate structure that needs A/C, but you don’t want to invest in adding a duct system? A cost effective solution is the ductless mini split A/C unit. When you don’t want to add duct work to connect a new room or addition to your existing HVAC system or have a separate structure that needs A/C, mini splits can be a viable option.

Advantages of Mini Split A/C

Ductless mini split air conditioning units are used for homes and businesses that need a separate A/C unit for a room or area. These units are self-contained – they only consist of two parts, without the need for ducts. Most units can be installed on an exterior wall with only a three-inch hole to connect the outside and inside components. This makes installation quick and easy. Some of the other advantages of using a ductless mini split include:

  • Energy savings. Mini splits are energy efficient, especially when compared to the cost of connecting a large, duct system. Each unit comes with its own thermostat to regulate the temperature and help control cooling costs.
  • Quieter. Mini splits are quiet and offer less disruption than central air. This is great for rooms that need a quiet environment, such as a yoga/meditation room or office.
  • Positioning. Since these units are compact, it is easy to have several options on where to position them within the room, unlike larger units.

Get ready for the hot days of summer by adding a ductless mini split to the areas of your home or business that need separate A/C. Call your local HVAC professional that offers mini split A/C installation.

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