When Should You Tune Up Your AC?

Your air conditioning system works hard all summer keeping your home cool. To ensure it is ready to handle the task, you want to have it serviced every year. Tune-ups can help your AC unit work more efficiently, saving you on energy costs and routine maintenance can help your AC unit last longer. Plus, the inspection of your unit can identify issues that need to be repaired or components that need replacement. This can prevent breakdowns during the summer months when you need your AC the most. Spring is the best time to tune-up your AC and here’s why.

Be Ready for the Summer Heat

It makes sense to tune-up your AC in spring when summer is right around the corner. This way, you know your unit is ready to perform and has everything it needs to work efficiently.

It Has Been Several Months Since it Was Used

A lot can happen over the several months since you last used your AC unit. If rodents or pests found a way into your unit and caused damage during the fall or winter, you need that resolved before you begin using your AC again.

Less Busy for Your Service Provider

Once summer hits, AC service companies will be busy repairing issues with other people’s AC units. Spring is less busy for the industry, which means you can get a fast appointment and maybe even catch a spring deal on tune-up prices.

Make sure to have your air conditioning system serviced in the spring to be ready for the summer months ahead. It can help save you money off energy costs and emergency breakdowns by being prepared.

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Did You Have Your Air Conditioning System Serviced this Year?

It happens every summer. Many people put off having their air conditioning serviced in the springtime, thinking they will have time before the hot weather hits. However, with the crazy weather that has happened over the last few years, procrastination is not a good idea. If you are one of the many homeowners that did not get your air conditioning serviced in the spring, don’t wait another moment. Here are a few good reasons to schedule your annual service today: 

  • Energy bills. Air conditioning costs plenty in energy bills so why make it worse with a poorly maintained system? Regular maintenance helps your air conditioning system run efficiently, saving you money off cooling costs over the summer.
  • Reduce replacement costs. A well-maintained A/C unit will last longer and need to be replaced less often, saving you money in the long run. An annual service fee is nominal compared to spending thousands of dollars on a new system.
  • Murphy’s Law. If you don’t have your air conditioning unit serviced, you know that Murphy’s Law means that it will breakdown. Not only will you be without A/C, it will most likely happen on the hottest day or week of the year. You’ll have to wait your turn with the hundreds of other people in your area waiting to get their unit repaired, suffering in the heat while you do so. 

Don’t be another victim to procrastination when it comes to your air conditioning system. Call your local HVAC service company today to schedule your annual maintenance before the dog days of summer arrive. You’ll be glad you did!

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