5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

Climate control in your home is one of the biggest factors on your energy costs. Staying cool in the summer is expensive, but so is staying warm during the winter. If you are tired of paying big utility bills during the colder months of the year, there are ways to reduce your heating costs. Here are five tips to stay warm without paying a fortune on your heating bills each month.

  1. Use your programmable thermostat. Maximize when you heat your home and when you can lower the temperature with a programmable thermostat. Utilize the program features to set a lower temperature during hours no one is at home to reduce heating costs.
  2. Minimize heat loss. Insulating your home and reducing heat loss can save money. Shut doors to rooms not in use; close vents or shut off these zones to stop heating unused rooms. Using window treatments or updating to insulated windows can also help reduce heat loss.
  3. Keep your temperatures moderate. Set your thermostat for 68 degrees when you are home to manage your heating costs. Add couch blankets and warm slippers to stay cozy instead of raising the indoor temperature.
  4. Keep up with furnace maintenance. Servicing your furnace or heat pump can ensure it is working properly and efficiently. Make sure to have annual tune-ups for your system.
  5. Get an efficiency analysis. Not sure if your furnace or heat pump is working efficiently? Have your HVAC pro complete an efficiency analysis on your system. There may be ways to improve your efficiency and lower your heating bills.

Stay warm without paying big heating bills. Maintain your HVAC system and use smart methods to manage your heating to keep your energy costs low during the winter.

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