Are You Ready for Another Hot Summer?

Winter is finally over and what a winter it was! Most of the country experienced record-breaking winter storms that chilled even the warmest regions. Now summer is on the way and it can only be assumed that hot temperatures will plague many areas. If your home still does not have a reliable air conditioning system, now is the time to invest in the comfort of a cool whole.

Home Cooling Options

Beyond the small, inefficient window air conditioners, you have a few choices for whole home air conditioning. Units vary in cost from only a few thousand dollars up to $12,000 or more. These systems usually last for at least 10 years, longer when properly maintained.

If you are ready to either add an air conditioner to your home or replace an old model, here are some of the options available:

–          Central air conditioning. Centralized air conditioning is the most common option used in hot regions for cooling an entire home. These systems require ductwork, usually linked in with the heating system.

–          Heat pumps. Although heat pumps also dual as a heat source, they are efficient and effective for cooling homes. Heat pumps can be connected to duct work or work from a stationary area, with the unit installed on the exterior of the home.

In both centralized air conditioning and heat pumps, you want a unit that is sized correctly for your home and has a high SEER (energy efficiency score). To determine what is the best option for your cooling needs and budget, talk to your local HVAC service provided. They can evaluate your home and offer you choices on the right cooling system for your needs.

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