Furnace or Heat Pump – How to Decide

If you are building a new home or replacing your heat source in your existing home, you may be considering your options. Both heat pumps and furnaces are popular heat sources, each with their own benefits. But, there are differences and advantages, depending on what your needs are for your home. Here is a quick comparison of the two to outline the differences.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use the outdoor air to keep the home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. They do not use fuel for heat, but pull in heat from the air to heat the home, or pulls in cold air to cool it. Heat pumps warm the home like an air conditioner in reverse, and they can also cool a house during the summer. Heat pumps are energy efficient for climates that do not have extreme winter weather, offering a substantial energy savings.


Furnaces can offer a wonderful heat source, using oil, gas or electricity for fuel. Furnaces have one purpose – to heat the home. Furnaces burn fuel to make heat and distribute through the home, usually with a duct system. They are wonderful for cold weather, especially regions that often fall below freezing during the winter. However, they only heat and do need to be paired with an air conditioner for cooling during the summer for complete year-round climate control.

In a nut shell, heat pumps are an efficient option for regions that do not have severe winters, while a furnace can offer better heat for below freezing temperatures. Talk to your local HVAC service company to learn more about your heating options for your home.

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