Frequently Asked Heat Pump Questions

Whether your home is already equipped with a heat pump, or you are considering getting one, you’ll find the following questions and answers helpful.

Is Annual Heat Pump Maintenance Important?

To keep your heat pump working safely and effectively, yearly scheduled maintenance is very important. Your heat pumps’ outdoor coils need cleaning no less than once each year. Additionally, be sure to have its electrical system inspected.

Proper maintenance helps to ensure your heat pump performs efficiently. Maintenance cuts down on the quantity and costs of future repairs.  In addition, annual heat pump maintenance results in the extended life of the system.

How do heat pumps provide heating and cooling?

Heat pumps absorb heat and transfer it from one place (location) to another.

Therefore, during the summer season, heat pumps work like air conditioners. Heat from inside your home is absorbed using refrigerant, and then it is vented outside in order to maintain a cool home.

This process is reversed during the winter season. Warmth from outside is absorbed and transferred into the home. A heat pump is ideal for effectively heating your home while temperatures outside remain above freezing.

With some heat pumps, why does it sound like my furnace is running?

Most heat humps distribute air throughout your home by making use of your furnace’s fan. In addition, heat pumps use your furnace as a backup source of heat when temperatures drop below freezing. In such instances, your heat pump is assisted by your furnace to achieve the desired temperature in your home.

For more information about heat pumps, contact your local heating and air-conditioning service company.

Posted on behalf of James Smith, ClimateSmith LLC


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