Get Your Furnace Started Now

Too many times homeowners will wait until the first cold day of the winter season to fire up their furnace, only to find that, over the summer, a problem has developed within their furnace. It maybe something simple, or a major issue, but this still leaves them waiting for the attention of a local HVAC technician on the same day when dozens of other customers have discovered a problem. A better plan is to start your furnace now, giving you time to complete any necessary maintenance or repairs before that first cold snap. 

Getting Your Furnace Ready For Winter

There are a few maintenance items to consider before you start up your furnace for the first time. One item that may need replacing or cleaning is your filter. A dirty filter will cause your furnace to work less efficiently, which will put extra stress on the entire unit. Once you check the filter, also check to make sure the water line is turned on to your humidifier. Some units may come with a switch to  change the unit to winter mode. 

Once everything is in place, turn on your furnace and let it run for 15-20 minutes. Make sure it’s heating properly, while listening for any strange sounds from the unit. This is the best time to identify any possible problems, with plenty of time to have the unit serviced or repaired before the colder weather hits. 

In addition to starting your furnace, also check the batteries in your carbon dioxide detector and smoke alarms, ensuring they are ready to protect your family in case of a fire or gas leak. With a little preparation, your furnace and home will be ready to keep you warm and safe all winter.

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