Is a Ductless Mini Split A/C Unit Right for You?

Do you have a home that has rooms that are not getting the benefits of air conditioning in the summer? Or maybe you have central air conditioning, but hate spending money to cool the whole house when only a room or two would be sufficient. One option to cool one area without the need for duct installation is a ductless mini spit A/C unit. These smaller, compact A/C units are perfect for cooling confined areas without using a large central air system. 

Uses for a Mini Split A/C Unit

Mini split A/C do not need to be connected to a duct system, making them quick and affordable to install. The smaller units are comprised of a compressor, condenser and an air handling unit that do not need ductwork. These are self-contained and much more energy efficient than running a large system. Some of the ways these can be used include: 

  • Garages and out buildings. If you have a garage or other outbuildings that do not have air conditioning, a mini split is a great option to cool these other areas.
  • New additions. Did you add a room to your home? Instead of spending the money to have this extra room connected to your large A/C system, a mini split might be an alternative.
  • Energy savings. If you find you are only using one area of your home, yet paying to cool the entire home, adding a mini split could give you the option of only cooling a bedroom or living area to save on energy. 

Talk to your local HVAC contractor about the benefits of adding a mini split A/C unit to your home or shop area.

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