Ductless Mini Splits for Single-Area Climate Control

There are times when you need to add heating and cooling to a room or area, but connecting it to a home’s main HVAC system is not possible or would not be efficient. There are options for providing a single area with climate control, without adding duct work or connecting it to an existing furnace or air conditioning unit. Ductless mini splits are the perfect solution for providing an efficient heat and cooling source to a garage, spare room or other confined areas. Here are some of the benefits of using mini splits in your home.

  • No ductwork. Adding duct work to connect a garage or addition onto your central HVAC system can be expensive. Mini splits are individually operated and can be added anywhere you need heating and cooling.
  • Energy efficiency. A separate heating or cooling unit can be an energy-efficient option for rooms that are rarely used or do not have their own vents. It is more efficient to only use the climate control when needed, instead of heating or cooling rooms that are not in use.
  • Ductless mini splits can be installed with programmable thermostats that can help keep energy costs low. Program to turn heating or cooling down or off as needed to save on electricity when not in use.
  • If you want climate control in zones, mini splits can be used for individual rooms to manage costs and differing climate needs. This can be perfect for keeping rooms “warm” in the winter, but not at the temperature of the rest of the home.

If you are interested in installing a ductless mini split in your home, contact your local HVAC service to learn more about the cost and options available.

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