Benefits of a Ductless Heating and Cooling System

Are you looking for a more efficient way to cool or heat your home? One of the options available is a ductless heating and cooling system. Unlike centralized HVAC systems that control the temperature of your entire home, these systems are installed in “zones”, giving you more control over your heating and cooling costs. These typically are comprised of an outdoor unit and a couple indoor units that control each zone. These units use less energy, require no duct work and can even improve air quality. Here are some benefits of switching to a ductless heating and cooling system:

  • Customized control. Do you primarily only use one area of your home? Ductless or split systems allow you to only heat or cool the zones you are using, giving you customized control over your energy use.
  • Air quality. Ductwork in traditional HVAC systems can become a haven for mold, dust and other air pollutants. With ductless heating and cooling, there are no ducts to collect these contaminants. Most systems also use a multi-stage filtration system for improved air quality.
  • Efficiency. Since ductless or split systems use less energy, they are considered more efficient and may qualify for tax credits for investing in home energy efficiency. Lowering energy costs is another way these systems are known to be a good investment.

If you are looking for a cost effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to heat and cool your home, look into ductless heating and cooling systems. They may be a better choice for your home while saving you money year-round on your energy bills. Talk to your local HVAC service provider to learn more.

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