Alternatives to Traditional HVAC Systems

Split system air conditioning systems using a compressor / condenser unit and an indoor unit are one of the most cost effective means to cool any commercial or residential space.  Traditionally with these systems, cool air is distributed into the areas being cooled thru strategically located ductwork.  Now it is possible to air condition spaces easier and cheaper by using a ductless mini-split system, which completely eliminates the need for any ductwork.  This results in lower costs! 

This system has a small inside unit, which is located on an interior face of a perimeter wall, with the compressor / condensing unit being located in the same area on the exterior of the home.  The outdoor unit is either mounted on the floor or mounted on the wall, with all connections of refrigerant lines, condensation drains and power feeds between the indoor and outdoor units being made thru a single hole approximately 3” in diameter.  These systems come in a variety of sizes with the systems being made by a variety of international companies, including LG and Mitsubishi.  These types of systems are very popular in Asia, where it is hot year around. 

There are a number of advantages to using these units including the ability to eliminate bulkheads required to conceal ductwork.  In addition, they are economical to operate, easy to install and give the property owner the ability to regulate the temperature of each room without the need to create expensive air conditioning zones with zone dampers.  Maintenance is straightforward with a periodic cleaning of the filters being required.

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