Tips for Businesses Considering an HVAC Retrofit

When it comes time to replace an HVAC system for a commercial or industrial building, there are many factors to consider. This can be a large project that involves much more than a simple replacement of just a few HVAC components. For large scale businesses, this can require changes in your building’s structure and a large amount of welding, electrical and carpentry work from several different contractors. To avoid expensive shutdowns of your productivity floor or inconvenience for your tenants, consider these tips to make sure your retrofit goes smoothly.

  • Hire a commercial HVAC expert. First and foremost, you want an HVAC service company that specializes in commercial and industrial applications. This is not a job for an HVAC company that does mostly residential and small business HVAC installation and service.
  • Find a retrofit specialist. Your HVAC company should also have extensive experience in HVAC retrofit projects. This is much different than installing for new construction where time and budget constraints are not as crucial.
  • Retrofit coordinator. There may need to be several different contractors working together to complete an HVAC retrofit. To ensure a quick and efficient install, hire an HVAC contractor that offers project coordination services for retrofit projects. Having the project overseen and managed under one contractor can help avoid miscommunication and project delays for maximum efficiency.

While there are many HVAC service companies that service and install commercial HVAC systems, it is important to choose carefully for a retrofit project. Downtime for any commercial enterprise is expensive, so it is worth the investment to find an industrial HVAC company that is experienced in HVAC retrofits so that the job is completed on time and within budget.

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