Outdated HVAC Systems Make No Cents

When it comes to running your business, cost of overhead is key to your bottom line. From lease agreements to your utilities, every penny you spend comes directly out of your profits. For large warehouses, manufacturing outfits and commercial properties, heating and cooling costs can be one of the bigger expenses you pay each month. If you have an outdated HVAC system, you may be paying too much.

ROI on HVAC Upgrades

When it comes to upgrading an older HVAC system in a commercial setting, the initial cost may deter many business owners. If you are looking at a retrofit or considering updating to automation, it is a sizable investment. However, it is not the investment, but the return, that is important in business. The ROI on a more efficient HVAC system can be worth the cost and pay for itself through savings down the road.

In many cases, just upgrading to a newer, more efficient HVAC system can save up to 40% on utility bills, even in a residential property. Automation systems for larger enterprises also offer extensive savings, usually paying for the system in just a few years. It is worth the time and effort to have an energy and efficiency analysis performed on your HVAC system. This can be done by a professional commercial HVAC service to determine how much money you could save in the long run by upgrading to a more efficient system or adding automation to your buildings heating and cooling controls.

If your commercial HVAC system is older, or you are considering automation for your industrial building, talk to your local commercial HVAC service about scheduling an efficiency analysis. They can help you decide the best option for upgrading your system to get you the best ROI and help reduce your overhead costs.

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