Do I Need A Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Commercial HVAC maintenance plans, which focus on preventative maintenance programs, are excellent investments that provide a large return on investment for commercial and industrial property owners.  Not only do they reduce downtime for unscheduled breakdowns, but they also reduce capitol expenditures on equipment, reduce repair costs and provide reduced energy costs as well.  These services plans are available on all commercial HVAC systems including split systems, boilers and chilled water systems typically found in commercial offices, heavy industrial facilities, hospitals, medical centers, government facilities, restaurants, data centers, retail establishments, schools and other institutional facilities. 

The heart of these preventative maintenance programs is regularly scheduled maintenance and inspection services, where the equipment is cleaned, lubricated, tested, adjusted and thoroughly inspected.  The preventative maintenance allows the technician performing the services to make sure that the system is performing as designed and is working at peak efficiency.  The inspection process allows the technician to identify small items that could impact the system, before they become bigger issues.  Depending if repair services were included in the plan, the technician would then make the necessary repairs.  If the repairs were not included in the plans, the technician would provide a written estimate on the costs of the recommended repairs. 

Another benefit of these plans is the ability to establish a ongoing relationship with a commercial HVAC company so when an emergency happens, they are only a phone call away, even on the hottest day of the year when their phone is ringing off the hook!

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