When Should You Replace Your AC Unit?

If your AC unit needs a repair and the estimate is for $300-$700 or more, you may be wondering if it is time to replace your system versus repair it. As air conditioning systems become older, repair services increase in frequency and often in costs. While many AC units can last 15 years or more, there comes a point when you should consider replacement as a viable option instead of putting more money into a unit that is reaching the end of its lifespan. Here are some ways to determine when you should replace your AC unit.

Is It Ten Years or Older?

New air conditioning units have better options in efficiency. If your unit is over ten years old, you may be better off upgrading to a new system that will save you money on energy costs. Depending on the efficiency of your current unit, you could save hundreds of dollars each year by upgrading sooner rather than later.

$5,000 Rule

One way that HVAC professionals recommend determining repair versus replacement is the $5,000 rule. If you need a repair, take the cost of your repair and multiple it by the age of your unit. If that is more than $5,000, it may be better to replace than repair and vice versa. If the repair will be $500 and your unit is 10+ years old, multiplying them would be $5,000+ and it is worthwhile to consider replacement.

You want to get the most use from your AC unit, but you also want a system that is reliable and efficient. Before you spend money on repairs on an old unit, take the time to consider whether it is time to replace – it may be the best solution for the long run.

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